Cleo here and i have had women send me mails asking me for different ways they can increase the size of their breast. Even though i have answered that in a previous post here. I think i will do so again by detailing some unique, unusual yet profound ways to increase your breast size.

lets get kicking

I will break this article into two categories. The first will be on exercises and the second will be on diets.

How to increase your breast size through exercising

I have had people ask me, Cleo can workouts really increase the size of my breast? The answer really is yes. It can. it does and it will {if you follow my advice below}.

You see the tricky thing is to know which exercise can boost your bust. The reason is because the primary reason for workout is to keep fit and lose weight. So if you are not careful you can end up cutting out more flesh that you actually need to pump your breast size.

So what specific exercise can grow your breast size?

1.Wall press: Ever done this before? Well you will need to every morning and evening for at least 10minutes each to get the best kind of results out of it.

What you need to do is to face the wall at arms length and then push against it without bending your elbows. You can take a break afer every 30 seconds and then repeat.

2.Massage: I mean breast massage of course:-).

Massaging your breast will release bloodstreams into breast and can help add at least 1 cup size each month if you keep at it. What you do is to rub your palm against each other for a few seconds to generate heat and then massage your breast. Dont it too hard so you dont injure yourself.

Massage gently in all direction. Do this everyday for 30 days and notice some significant difference.

3. Bench press: You will need a bench and two dumbbells. Lay down flat on a bench and spread your legs open/apart. Hold the weights or dumbbells and then raise your arm above your face.Then slightly bend your arms to the starting position and then raise up again slightly. Do this 15-20 times. take a break and repeat.

How Healthy Diet Can Increase Your Boobs.

We have talked about a few exercise that help get your breast firmer and fuller. what about diet?

Because you see diet is as important as exercise.

Before i list meals that can increase your breast i need you to know why these diets are very critical and why taking them everyday from henceforth becomes a norm if you are really serious about increasing your breast size.

There is an hormone in your body called estrogen or ostrogen and this hormone is what is responsbile for breast growth. Therefore the more of it you have in your body/ breast area the more you increase your breast size.

Unfortunately your ostrogen level plateaus when you stop puberty. But the good side is there is something called phytoestrogens which mimics ostrogen. And there are plants that contains this amazing phytoestrogens. Therefore the more you eat meals/take diets that contains phytoestrogens the more you can indirectly increase the ostrogen in your body and the more your breast grow bigger and bigger.
1. Soy-milk  If you havent, then from henceforth take at least 1 cup of soymilk daily. Another thing you can implement in your diets are soybeans, You can easily find this in the mall or grocery.
2.Fruits: oranges, strawberries, cherries are great sources of estrogen which like i explained above are great bust boosters

3.Vitamins: Yes yes yes. Vitamin A,E and C especially. You cant go wrong with them. They also provide other health benefits like giving your skin nourished.

After all Said and done if you are really serious to get your breast bigger you have to discipline yourself to follow the above strategies mentioned and then get the brestrogen cream for an even faster result.